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  1. Duncan’s “Investment in Safety”

    INVESTMENT IN SAFETY Duncan and Son's #1 core value is Investment in Safety.  We see all of the time and money we spend in this area as an investment, not just a cost.  So what are we investing in, exactly?  Obviously there is a reduction in accidents which saves money.  But more important are the lives of our employees and the public at large.  We take this responsibility...Read More

    We do very basic modifications like installation of roll-up doors and windows.  In case you haven't heard or read about it, conex boxes (aka shipping containers aka ocean containers) are being used to build "tiny-homes" for homeless Veterans, horse stalls, artist studios, vacation get-a-ways, under ground shelters, and even homes for life styles of the rich and famous. Here are images I've found...Read More

    About one year ago I started selling containers for DSL. I knew very little about containers other than the obvious – moving containers loaded with import or export goods in/out of the Ports of LA and Long Beach CA and to/from Phoenix Metro area, is our company’s specialty. After selling a few hundred, I now consider myself the resident expert about container “classifications, grades, sizes,...Read More